Our company continues to produce cake ornaments and Dr. Paste sugar dough with a 10-year experience. Our company makes an effort to offer a richer product variety and has a principle to offer products that are quality, tasty and produced meticulously in hygienic surroundings. Our company is aware of the sensitivities of working in the food industry and paying special attention to our products to have all the aspects necessary of quality standards. All our products have a business record certificate. Dr. Paste sugar dough has a TSE production capability certificate, an ISO 14001:2004 certificate and also HALAL certification and are taking firm steps towards being the industry leader. You can order Dr. Paste sugar dough and our cake ornaments by phone and e-mail or you can buy them directly from our production facilities. We also want to say that you will find the opportunity to observe the production process of the products you use closely during your visits. You can also access to the analysis reports of our products. Our company is proud of offering the opportunity to our customers to be able to see for themselves of our products’ consistency with health and quality norms.

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